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We Found Cindie to be very informative and very knowledgeable In the area we were interested in.

And have recommended Cindie to everyone that are interested in relocating south

Ralph Thompson

Felt very comfortable dealing Cindie!

Always kept us updated! Thanks Cindie and God Bless!

Randy K. Pettigrew

Cindie is fantastic and we appreciated all her help, communication, and support as we tried to figure out this crazy market!

Stephanie Leigh Schaller

Cindie exceeded my expectations.

I was relocating from PA to SC and Cindie found me several options, was available to me from our first phone conversation to close even doing walk throughs with the builder and gave me great insight into the area- and as a plus - she is a really nice person!! I would highly recommend Cindie to anyone looking to move to the Myrtle Beach area!

Robin Baxter

Cindie was terrific.

She met with us to understand our needs, searched the area we had interest in and stayed on top of several attempts to purchase different properties. The particular properties we were looking at were not exactly user friendly however, Cindie kept after the seller's agent and property manager until we were finally successful with our purchase. Can't say enough. Thank you CIndie!

Patrick Sean Rainwater

I'm using Cindi to sell my condo.

She's the BEST.

Russell Keith Brosch

Listing and her patience and assistance!

Cindie Grammatico was so very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant!


Cindie Grammatico.

..Id sing her praises. Maybe cause we're same age Or she very personable Or she is really that good at her job + Ive dealt w/ so many realtors that people often thought i was a realtor. (Im retired ins agent) so Im telling ya, Cindie Grammatico more than earns her keep!! Aces, the best, will highly recommend her to others i think may be relocating to SC....

Arlette Cascella

Cindi was a pleasure to work with .

She went beyond my expectations as to what a realtor should do . Always kept us informed and was very knowledgeable of area !

Susan Scoppe Thompson

She is the best realator I've ever deailt with,and I've dealt with Alot.

Russell Brosch

Cindie was excellent.

She went above and beyond for the purchase of our house in Myrtle Beach and the sale of our condo as well. Since we were out of state she took care of so many details for us with promptness and excellence. She was a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, efficient and always there when a problem arose. I would give her higher than 5 stars if that was possible! I would use her again and will refer any friends to her.

Faith Ann Brosch

Cindie Grammatico was recommended by my wife's company.

She excelled in initial assessment of our needs, availability, knowledge of the area, negotiation skills and excellent communication. We enjoyed working with Cindie very much, she was very professional and was always looking out for our needs or concerns.


Cindie was a pleasure to work with from our first meeting until the very end!

We purchased a beach home, Cindie made our dream come true even when it was very frustrating! She was always available to help us navigate this journey! We couldn’t be more happy with our purchase and our agent! Thank you Cindie!

Christine Rainwater

This is our second experience with Cindie and again a great experience.

I would give her more than 5 stars if I could. She went above and beyond for the sale of our condo and the buyer's agent repeatedly dropped the ball. We will use her again if we need to buy or sell a property and would recommend her highly. Thanks for everything Cindie!

Faith Ann Brosch

Cindie was great.

She helped us out every step of the way and we did not have a smooth journey, as our mortgage company and our attorney worked at a snail’s pace. Cindie kept me calm, most of the time and provided assurances when needed.

Christian E. Kaufmann

We could not have had a better agent!

We enjoyed getting to know Cindie! She kept us informed and made us feel very comfortable! She is very personable. If she didn't know the answer she found out for us.

Nita K. Pettigrew

Cindie was always ready to help and went above and beyond to meet our needs and questions.

She represented us so efficiently to the seller on various concerns about the buildout. She was patient and kind in every aspect of this process and we consider her more as a friend than an agent!

John Russo

Cindie did a great job listing and selling our condo.

She was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Margaret A Thomas

Cindi was the best.

I would recommend her to anybody.

Donna Breedlove

We were referred to Cindie through our Berkshire Hathaway agents back in Pennsylvania.

While they ended up not being the right fit for us to sell our home, we will always be grateful to them for bringing Cindie into our lives. She was, by far, the biggest reason we were able to face the stresses of selling and buying a new home. We both agree that without her support, kindness, friendship, and guidance, my mother and I would not have handled the process without complete and total emotional breakdowns. Cindie said frequently that the most important aspect of her job was relationship- getting to know her clients to make sure she could find something that best suit their needs. But she went above and beyond in that. She listened, truly listened, to both my and my mother's needs, hopes, and requests for what we'd like in a home to ensure it was the right fit for everyone who would be living there. She offered support and guidance in all aspects of the process, including doing her best to answer our questions about selling our home, and offering the kind of positive feedback you really need to hear when attempting a major life change. Even from the very beginning of this process when we needed to find a place to stay while house hunting, Cindie worked to find us options that would suit us and our animals. As someone who has never purchased a home (myself) and someone who last underwent this process thirty years ago (my mother), Cindie took the time to educate both of us on the way the market and process have developed and worked and managed to do so without ever making either of us feel like we'd asked something foolish. Neither of us ever felt afraid to ask her a question and the phrase "Please text Cindie and ask" should be embroidered somewhere on a pillow in our new home. We don't plan to need her services again for the foreseeable future (as our new home is perfect and we both be dying here), but we have both begun to sing her praises to everyone who will listen and will be recommending her to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Myrtle Beach area. After all, we're going steady.

Mary E Rojahn

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